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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Episencial Product Giveaway at Burkett Blessings

Head on over to Burkett Blessing and enter the Episencial product giveaway. It ends tonight (April 27th) at 9:00 - so you've only got a few more hours to enter.

The prize is 4 different Episencial products: Protective Face Balm, Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, Better Body Butter, and Playful Foaming Wash. I would be most excited to try out the Protective Face Balm and the Bubble Bath (though the body butter sounds wonderful as well!).

Hurry on over and don't forget to leave a comment if you win!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Win a Sonic Alarm Clock - very few entrants

I found a great website - The Giveaway Gallery - don't you LOVE the name?
As you all know, I have won several great things lately by participating in other blog giveaways. Just lask week I won an amazing organic sunscreen lotion set (and tried it out this weekend, smells awesome!) as well as a shirt for my youngest!

You can go to The Giveaway Gallery to win a Sonic Alarm Clock. There are less than 20 entries right now - so good luck to you!

This giveaway ends tonight (April 26th) at 11:59.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kroger Deals for 4/21-27

Here are the "best" deals (for my family and I) this week at Kroger. Remember that the Kroger in my area (DFW area in TX) will triple the value of coupons up to and including 39 cents and will double the value of coupons between 40 cents and 50 cents. This makes for great savings.
You can also find "loadable" coupons at and
(Some people have said that they can't use loadables with paper, but I haven't noticed/checked, however I do plan to try it out this weekend and I will let you know)

4 Rolls of Angel Soft Bath Tissue - check for coupons, you might be able to get free Bath tissue!!

Country Crock Buttery Spreads - 1.00 each coupon here for .40 off (will double to .80), you pay only .20 each!

Dial Hand Soap - 1.00 each, FREE after using .35 coupon from March 7th Newspaper.

Green Giant Boxed Veggies - 1.00 each, can get FREE or CHEAP using coupons - check Cellfire,, for online/printable coupons - there are LOTS out there.

Weekly Deals (not part of 10 for 10 deals)

Borden Milk is at a great price fo $3.79 - use the 1.00 off coupon from previous newspaper or go here for a .75 coupon.

Purex Laundry detergent is on sale for 2.50 - use the .35 coupon from last week's paper (4/18) and pay only 1.45! - you can also use this site to get a .50 coupon for Purex.

Soft Sole Shoe Giveaway - Ends tonight!

There is a great giveaway going on right now and it ends today (April 22nd) - Earth Day! (You will also find today is the deadline/final day for a LOT of giveaways in honor of Earth Day).
The Giveaway is for a pair of Soft Sole Shoes
This giveaway has very few entries right now (less than 35), so your odds are VERY good. The blog offering the giveaway is called Mom of All Trades

I am entering this giveaway because the shoes will be perfect for my Callie - and she does need some new shoes.

Happy Earthday and don't forget - let me know if you win!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Slimpressions Giveaway from The Write Gal

Slimpressions is a great company that offers slimming undergarments in a variety of styles for all body types that need lift,tuck, or gentle reshape. Their styles come in nude or black and offer support for the upper, middle, and/or lower body.

At the Write Gal blog, you can win your own Slimpressions garment ( your choice!) AND you can find a discount code to save 25 percent if you want to purchase!

Hurry - this giveaway ends tonight (April 20th)!

Mud Gardening Gloves Giveaway on Sweeps4Blogers!

Sweep4Bloggers is giving away 2 pairs of gardening gloves! These aren't your ordinary gloves either. They are really cool and specially designed for light gardening/outdoor work and heavier outdoor work. They are both from the company "Mud Glove". Remember, there will be FIVE winners!

Good luck to all , and dont' forget to enter today because this giveaway ends tonight(Tuesday, April 20th)

Monday, April 19, 2010

24 Hour Giveaway at Coupon Geek!

You can win an amazing package from Yoplait Greek Yogurt at Coupon Geek!
It's a 24 hour giveaway, so you have to hurry!
You can win the Yoplait Greek Yogurt Goddess pack - offered by Coupon Geek and MyBlogSpark (a great site).

The giveaway ends tomorrow at 2:30 (Central time).

Good Luck to all and let me know if you win!!!

A Great Giveaway Site and a Great Giveaway! is a great site where you can find numerous giveaways! Best of all, there giveaways are usually really easy to enter and they often offer ton of bonus entries,which increase your chances of winning.

Today (Moday, 4/19) you can win a "Your Name University" t-shirt from

Do you like how my shirt will look if I win?

I just entered and hope you do too! Let me know if you win!

Free "Freakin Clean" T-Shirt

You can grab a free blue t-shirt from the Company Cognitive Data, Inc. You can pick the size and which slogan you want on the front and back of the shirt. Just go here and fill out the form.
Cognitive Data works in data accuracy and helps company reach their customers better.

Tonic HairCare Products Giveaway (ends 4/19)

I am sure you are noticing that I am linking you up with a lot of great giveaways. I just want to remind you what I have won recently on blog giveaways:
Earrings - won this weekend!
Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars
Peeled Fruit Variety Pack
KidsCraft Rocket Ship
Zhu Zhu Pet
The Autism book
Skelanimals gift pack

This giveaway ends tonight (April 19th) - to make sure I don't "double enter" and to keep track of what I have entered already, I always enter on the last day.
This giveaway is for some quality hair products from Tonic. The Tonic line is eco-friendly as well as hair friendly! And the line looks like it will make you feel and look young and vibrant :)

Just go to Simply Being Mommy and sign up for the Tonic Giveaway.

Another great Giveaway ends Monday night!

There is a great giveaway being held at Penny Pinching Penguin! It's for a personalized name t-shirt by Holly Designs. I really want to win this, especially since the little girl in the photo is wearing a shirt that says Callie, and that's my almost-3 year old's name!

There are less than 50 entries right now, so your chances are good!

Good luck, and remember that it ends TONIGHT (MONDAY the 19th). Just click on the link above to get there!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Great Giveaway ENDS TONIGHT!

There is an exciting giveaway that ends tonight (April 16th)

It is being hosted by THATSIT Mommy(The Adventures That Star Izzy and Teagan)Mommy

The blog (which is amazing) is giving away some diapers, training pants, or youth sleep overs from First Quality. You can choose which one you want if you win (I am going for the training pants, since Callie still needs something at night).

Go enter right now - it ends tonight!

I have had a lot of success entering giveaways lately - so I can tell you it works.
Here are some of the things I have won from blog giveaways this year (in the past 3 months)

ZhuZhu pet hamster
Skeleanimals penguin and book
Peeled Fruits Assortment (dried fruits)
KidsCraft Rocket
The Autism Book
Kellogg's FiberPlus Bars

GO Enter and let me know if you win!

Friday, April 2, 2010

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Why Organic Milk is So Important

As most of you know, I am making a slow (i.e. realistic for my budget) switch to "greener" foods and products.
When money IS something that has to be considered, there are certain items that you should buy organic first. I have explained previously that one of the first things you can do is buy the "Dirty Dozen" (fruits and veggies) organic when available. The cost difference is minimal and the taste and health differences are astounding.
The next switch I suggest making is in organic/"green" dairy products. There are two reasons for this switch and both are very compelling.
1. Health reasons: Organic milk is, according to most research, "healthier" because it has more Omega 3, more vitamins, antioxidants, and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid - which helps the body reduce body fast and increase lean muscle mass). Some also consider organic milk healthier because the cows have not been exposed to antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. Some studies suggest that the levels of antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides in milk are so low (or non-existant) that they do not and cannot cause a health problem. But, when given a choice, would you want water that has been polluted and THEN cleaned, or water that was kept clean the entire time? Which sounds tastier?

2. Humane reason: one reason many people go "green" for their white (or chocolate) milk has everything to do with how the cows who produced the milk are treated. National Organic Standards state that dairy cows must be given the ability to move, proper shelter/housing, food, medical care/treatment, the opportunity to go outdoors, etc.

Still not convinced? The Organic Consumers Association wrote an excellent article on the 7 Reasons Why Kds Should Drink Organic Milk.
Once you have decided to purchase organic milk, there are several brand option to choose from.
Organic Valley sells a wide range of products. You can use their website to locate a store nearby that sells their products. (A local Wal-mart sells it near me!)
Horizon Dairy can be found at most grocery stores in our area(Southern states)and also produces milk and other dairy products, such as yogurt.
Many grocery stores, including Kroger, have their own organic dairy line.
I personally love Borden's Organic Milk line (it comes from Texas and who doesn't love Elsie the cow?)

Organic milk can/will usually cost more.But you can find great deals. Horizon and Borden both offer coupons. And recently Albertsons had a promotion on their cereal, whch included 3 coupons for free milk (up to 4.19). I have used those free milk coupons to get Horizon milk and still be able to get it either very cheap (less than 1.00) or free after using a Horizon coupon as well.

I love this cost comparsion made by a fellow blogger, Thankfully Thrifty.
So, what is your favorite brand of milk? Do you still drink milk or just use it in cooking?