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Monday, April 19, 2010

Tonic HairCare Products Giveaway (ends 4/19)

I am sure you are noticing that I am linking you up with a lot of great giveaways. I just want to remind you what I have won recently on blog giveaways:
Earrings - won this weekend!
Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars
Peeled Fruit Variety Pack
KidsCraft Rocket Ship
Zhu Zhu Pet
The Autism book
Skelanimals gift pack

This giveaway ends tonight (April 19th) - to make sure I don't "double enter" and to keep track of what I have entered already, I always enter on the last day.
This giveaway is for some quality hair products from Tonic. The Tonic line is eco-friendly as well as hair friendly! And the line looks like it will make you feel and look young and vibrant :)

Just go to Simply Being Mommy and sign up for the Tonic Giveaway.

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