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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Shop Text Codes for FREE items and Coupons

Recently I convinced my husband I NEEDED unlimited texting. Do you know how many deals I have had to pass up, how many votes I have not cast, and how many sweepstakes I have not entered because I didn't have text messaging????? Too many.

Now that I do, I found Shoptext!
You can text many different words to Shoptext at 467467.

For example - I texted Nestle to 467467 and am now getting a FREE full size bag of Nestle Morsels. I texted TIDE to 467467 and they are sending me free Tide coupons!. There are several "codes" that are working right now.

Unilever, General Mills, Proctor and Gamble all participate. Even some grocery stores, like Food Lion will send you stuff. I am getting 3 free samples from Food Lion, even though there isn't one near our house. I can send the coupons for the free full size samples to my family that lives in South Carolina.

If you find any Shoptext codes - please share them!

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