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Friday, May 7, 2010

EcoSmart Giveaway at A Simple Kinda Life

Well, it happened! I looked in my garden and there were buggies! I am still trying to determine what type, though I am confident one of my problems is aphids.
Sophie, my daughter, and I headed over to Home Depot because we simply didn't have time to "make our own" insect spray.
We looked at the labels and decided to go with EcoSmart. It was a great lesson for her, because the other non-organic products all said you had to wait weeks to pick/eat the food. They also had large labels saying they were toxic to wildlife. Sophie said "Mom, we're Wildlife!".
I sprayed it on and am hoping for the best!

In the meantime, head over TODAY and enter to win your won set of EcoSmart products. Of course, I hope to win the Plant and Garden set. What do you want to win?

This givewaway is sponsored by A Simple Kinda Life and ends tonight (5/07)

Good Luck

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