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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Great Grocery Deals This Week!

Well, the weather in Texas is already acting like it summer, with the thermometer reaching 90 degrees. The grocery stores around here seem to be following Mother Nature's lead and offerin some "hot" deals on great spring/summer items as well as pantry staples.

At Sprouts you will find an AMAZING deal on corn - 10 ears for 2.00! I would hurry over there or call ahead to make sure they have some - last week when I went on Sat. they were already out and the new shipment had not yet arrived. Seedless watermelons are 1.99 - and since the ones I planted are still less than 4 inches tall, I hope these taste as good as they look. You can also find great prices on cucumbers (49 cents each) and tomatos (4lbs for $5.)** If you go today (Wed.) and take advantage of the "double ad" sale, then cucumbers will still only be 39 cents each
Their chicken and pork are both on sale for $1.97lb.

You can then head over to Albertsons and stock up on Kellogg's cereals this week. They have all of my kids's favorites on sale for 1.29 each (BEFORE coupons). You can choose from Rice Krispies,Froot Loops, Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, or Cinnabon cereal. You can also get Borden's Single Sensations Cheese slices for only $1.00 after in-store coupon. Parkay Margarine and Skinner pastas are both on sale for 1.00 as well(without coupons). They are also having a good sale on lean ground beef (but it is not grass fed/organic).
Kroger seems to be having a "regular" week - but the following deals may appeal to your family:
Gatorade singles 79cents
Sunny Delight 1.00 each
Mission Flour Tortillas 1.00 each (great price to stock up/freezer cook with)
1b Organic Strawberries 2.97 - I would get these IF they look better than the ones I have been seeing - lately they've not been looking too good or lasting too long.

Central Market - They are having a great sale on their organic Gala apples - 1.49lb!!! The rest of the specials are still too pricey for me, and dont' mention that the foods are organic/grass-fed/etc.

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