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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Albertsons Market - my "favorite" of the week

This week Albertson's won me over with their sales. Between the 7 boxes of cereal and 3 gallons of milk for no more than 14.00 (and that's BEFORE coupons) and the great deal on other staples, I have been their twice this week!
Today was my second time taking advantage of the cereal deal. I made this deal sweeter by using 3 coupons for 1.00 off 2 boxes of cereal as well as 3 Albertson's coupons for .25 cents off (part of the Monopoly game). So for 10.25 I was able to get 4 boxes of Apple Jacks, 2 Froot Loops, and One Frosted Flakes, as well as 3 gallons of milk (and you get to pick the brand!).
AND A BONUS - the boxes of Apple Jacks have $5.00 worth of coupons inside - 2 coupons for 1.00 off 2 Kelloggs Cereals, 1.00 off any milk, 1.00 off 3 Poptarts, and 1.00 off Dannon yogurt 4 or 8 pack! Milk coupons are hard to find - so I am very excited about these!
I also picked up 2 bottles of Sunny Delight that were on sale for 1.50 each and used a .25 coupon (tripled to .75 each). My favorite buy was the Bird's Eye frozen veggies that were free after coupons (I had 7).
I was also lucky to find the Lunchables Subs on sale for 1.67 with an in-store .50 cent coupon. This brought the price down to 1.17 and I had a 1.00 off manufaturer coupon from today's paper! I got 7 Lunchables subs for only .17 each!
At my last trip to Albertson's I also received a "code" for a free reusable bag if I completed a survey (just my opinion, no personal info asked or required).
To round out my meals for the week I picked up 2 packages of Johnsonville Beef Hot Dogs (on sale for 1.99 each), 2 packages of Hillshire Farms Polksa Kielbasa.

My "grand" total was 22.09 after coupons (and my .05 credit per bag x 3 bags for bringing my own)!

So this week we will have:
Sunday - hot dogs
Monday - fried chicken (from Sprouts, great deal at 1.97 lb)
Tuesday - Polksa Kielbasa and rice
Wednesday - Spaghetti (from freezer)
Thursday - ? (not sure, maybe leftovers, or grill out depending on weather)
The boys will be gone this weekend (Friday evening to Sunday at lunch), so I haven't decided what I am making for us girls :)

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