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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Coupons in Sunday's Paper - a "MUST GET" week!

If you haven't already - go out and get today's (Sunday) paper. There are some great coupons in there. I would suggest getting the DOUBLE bundle, with 2 papers (and twice the coupons) for only 2.89 - remember that one paper is 2.00, so the second is only 89 cents!

Here's a list of the coupons. If you are part of our Coupon Club at school, the ones with a T by it are ones that I am trading (don't need) and the ones with a W beside them are ones that I want (and would love to have if you don't need them).

.25 off any Charmin T
.25 off Three Puffs T
.25 off Downy T
.25 off Bounty W
.50 off Dawn Hand Renewal T
.25 off any Dawn W
.25 Cascade W
.50 Cascade Complete T
10.00 off Swiffer SweeperVac Starter Kit T
.50 off Swiffer Refill T
1.00 off Swiffer Starter Kit T
Buy 1 Get 1 free on Swiffer Dust and shine T
4.00 off Febreeze Luminary Kits T
2.00 Febreese Diffuser T
1.00 off Febreeze T
1.00 off Febreeze Air Effects T
1.00 off Febreeeze Noticables T
1.00 off Febreeze Candle T
1.00 off Tide W (really really want, because it says Any Size)
.35 off Tide to Go T
1.00 Febreeze Sport T
1.00 Tide Stain Release T
3.00 Tide Stain Release (larger size) T
1.00 Bounce dryer balls T
.25 bounce sheets T
3.00 off any Iams Healthy naturals dog T
2.00 any Iams Healthy Naturals cat T
1.00 Iams Puppy T
2.00 off Always Infinity T
2.00 Tampax Pearl T
1.00 Always pantyliners T
1.00 Always pads T
1.00 Tampax T
***1.00 off LUVS T
Buy One Get One Oral B W
Free Old Spice Deodorant when you buy deodorant or body wash T
Free Old Spice body wash when you buy deodorant or body wash T
1.00 off Old Spice Body wash or deodorant T
2.00 off Gillette disposable razors T
3.00 off Gillette disposable razors T
2.00 off Gillette body wash W
Buy Gillette deodorant get body wash free T
1.00 off Gillette hair care T
Free Gillette Fusion razor with purchase of cartridges T
1.00 off Gillette Fusion shave gel T
3.00 off Olay Regenerist W
1.00 Olay W
1.00 Olay body wash W
1.00 off Olay lotion W

1.00 off 4 cans Pringles T
.50 off Pringles Snacks W
1.00 Covergirl W
5.00 Covergirl Simply Ageless (2 products) W
.50 off Secret T
1.00 Secret Clinical T
.75 Crest W
2.00 Crest Rinse W
1.00 Crest Rinse W
3.00 Oral B Battery Toothbrush W
7.00 Crest Whitestrips T
3.00 Crest Whitestrips classic T
1.00 off Clairol Hair color T
5.00 2 Clairol hair color W
3.00 off 2 Pantene W
1.00 Pantene styling prod. T
1.00 Head and Shoulders T
2.00 Venus Razors W
.55 Satin Care Shave gel T
.35 off Zest W (really want!)
.25 Ivory W ( really Want!)
1.50 Vicks products T
3.00 off Metamucil T
1.00 Prilosec T
7.00 2 Prilosec T

There are LOTS more coupons! This is only one of the 3 inserts!

From the other inserts I am looking for (want):
.50 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
.50 off 2 Green Giant Steamers
1.00 off 2 Big G cereals
1.00 off Almay
1.00 off Revlon
.75 off Mission Tortillas
1.00 Colgate
1.00 off Johnson and Johnson baby (REALLY WANT)
1.00 Reach toothbrush
1.00 Reach floss (Really want)

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