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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Deals at Kroger Next week.

Based on the "sales" of the other regions, here is what I 'hope' tomorrows ad will show us:

Pillsbury grands biscuts on sale for .98 - with a printout if you buy 4,5,or 6. Buy 4 and get $2 off on your next purchase at Kroger, 5 you get $3, and 6 you get $4. Combine this with coupons and you get FREE biscuts! (and these are the 8 count, the BIG ones)

I can't believe it's not butter - on sale for .98 - there are several coupons for anywhere between 80 cents and 1.00 off, so you can get some cheap or free margarine!

Select Post cereals, 4 for $6, use coupons and get a great deal on cereal, possibly even free!
Betty Crocker cake mix is 1.00 - so you can get this free as well!
Birds Eye frozen veggies are also 1.00 - more free frozen veggies!
Hunts Ketchup should be on sale as well for around 1.00 and maybe even Kraft BBQ sauce too!

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