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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Add Some Bling to Your Life (and your blog)

This morning I was introduced to an exciting new website/company. It's called called
After browsing their site I discovered their Interchangeable Charm Necklaces, which seem like a more modern version of the charm bracelts we all wore in highschool. They also have really cute interchangeable beaded watches (the kinds you find at all the "specialty" shops for three times the price).
Another thing I love about this site is that it is designed for women like me who are not very fashion knowledgable. Their main site explains all about chunky jewelry and how to wear it (and not have it wear you). You can even host an online jewelry party, which is the best type of party to have (no cleaning, entertaining, buying appetizers...).

Check out Chunky Bling and let me know what you think.
I hope to receive a ring from their website and will be sure to update you when I get it, with pictures to show it off.

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