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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hitting the Jackpot at Target and CVS!

This evening I was able to visit both Target and CVS with my lovely 10 year old daughter, Sophie. While browsing we were able to find some amazing deals! First, we headed to the light bulbs/home improvement section. Our Target finally had the GE Reveal single package lighbulbs in stock. What makes these wonderful is that they are FREE when you use the Target coupon (save 1.50) and the manufacturer coupon (save 1.00). So, I saved 2.50 on a 1.79 lightbulb! And luckily I had 2 Target coupons, so I was able to get two free lightbulbs.
We then headed over to the make-up section. I was ESTATIC to find the "Rimmel deal" that I had heard about on other blogs. For those of you who haven't heard of this deal - the current All You Magazine (Wal-Mart's own magazine filled with coupons) has a coupon for 3.00 off any Rimmel Mascara. Guess what? Target sells Rimmel mascara for 2.79! Because I purchased two All You Magazines, I was able to get two mascaras free!
Our third stop was to the "travel and trial size" area. Since I check here often, I wasn't expecting any surprising deals. Imagine my glee when I found Almay Eye Make Up remover pads for 1.49. Why was I smiling from ear to ear? Because I had SEVEN (yes 7!) coupons out of the newspaper for 2.00 off any Almay cosmetic product including the eye makeup remover (there was even a photo of this product on the coupon - I love that!). So I picked up seven of those.
We then veered our cart towards the baby care aisle. Callie, our 2 year old, needed Huggies Pull-Ups (the only ones with reclosable sides). I was able to get a package of those for 8.99 (minus my 2.00 manufacturer coupon)as well as pick up three Johnson and Johnson Buddies soaps for free! They are priced 97 cents and I had three 1.00 off coupons!
At this point I didn't think my trip could get any better - but there was one final deal left!
On a recent trip a coupon for 1.00 off any two General Mills cereals printed out at the register. It was a Target Store Coupon. I went down to cereals and was able to find two great GM cereals, Lucky Charms and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (both in throwback boxes!) for 2.50. I had printed out a manufacturer coupon for 1.00 off these cereals (and yes, I had two!), so that meant that I paid about a dollar per box!
I went to the register and let the cashier know I was using coupons (always polite to do) and that some would need to be adjusted to price match the item.
The strange thing is that she only did this on the Almay products. She gave me face value for all the other coupons. Which means that my grand total was......... less than 7.00 WITH TAX! Yes, essentially I paid for the Pull-Ups and got everything else for free!!!!

I then headed over to CVS for a quick stop to see if a rumored deal was true. Some people claimed that the large Huggies Wipes refill packs were ringing up for 2.50 each. It was true! I was able to get 8 package of Huggies Wipes refills for about 10.00! How? I combined this "too good to be true but is" deal with my CVS $5.00 off any purchase of 15.00 or more as well as 4.00 in ECB from last week.

So I was able to get everything in these pictures for less than 20.00!

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