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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Won Over by Sprouts!

Browsing through their weekly ad, Sprouts has officially won me over.
Imagine - a place that sells quality, organic foods at "Wal-Mart" prices. Well, Sprouts says "imagine no more!"

Take these comparisons - Kroger has their boneless, skinless chicken breast on sale for a good price, around 1.90 per pound. But this is for "regular" chicken - with hormones and a history added to it.
Sprouts on the other hand, offers us Boneless, Skinless chicken breasts, fresh (never frozen) and hand plucked for only 1.97 - which is an amazing price ANYWHERE!

You can also find red bell peppers at just about any "Super Store" or grocery chain. They typically run about 1.50 for the colored varieties, and around 1.00 for green bell peppers.
Sprouts has their RED (yes the more expensive ones) on sale for 69 cents. That price is so low I'm going to research ways to cook them ahead or freeze them for the future.
Apples? Sprouts has theirs for 88cents a lb! I don't know of any grocery chain that can beat that this week.
You can even grab a gallon or two of milk while you are there without worrying about your pocketbook. Their organic is only 3.99! And I recently found out you CAN freeze milk! (Although I haven't tried it for myself)
Barbara's Cereals are also on sale for a good price of 2.99 (10-12 oz box). That's comparable to the cereals of Kellogg's, General Mills, or Post. (side note- I am still waiting on my free sample of this cereal and will let you know if it is "kid approved).
Sprouts also has some decent prices on their beef and pork this week. Their pork chops are a definite "buy" at only 1.99 lb (and remember these chops are all natural).
You can also get Newman's Own products at Sprouts. The second great thing about this company (the first being their quality ingredients) is that they offer coupons!
My daughter LOVES going to Sprouts. They have a great selection of "treats" - everything for chocolates to trail mixes and nuts. We always leave with a bag of something to munch on during the car ride home.

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