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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Want to Go to Walgreens tomorrow?

I know I have been diligently trying to get some of you to check out Walgreens and CVS. So, is this the weekend? Look at the great deals below and let me know if you would like to meet and shop together. I will gladly meet you up at ERE and we can visit the Walgreens nearby and the CVS on the corner of Basswood and Beach (the one on North Tarrant isn't customer friendly).

Here are the Walgreens deals:
First go to and print out the 1.00 off coupons that are good on any Reach toothbrush or floss. You will use these to get two FREE toothbrushes (or floss) after coupons at Walgreens. They are on sale for 99 cents, so after the coupon you will pay ZERO. Don't like Reach toothbrushes? Donate them! But don't let this deal just slip by.

For the next deal to be "great" you will need to have the 2.00 off Crest Rinse from the newspaper. Actually, it's a GREAT deal if you have 3 of these coupons. I have 4.
They are on sale for 3.00 each, BUT when you buy 3 you will get 3.00 in Rapid Rewards (walgreens bucks), essentially making them 3 for 6.00. Take off 3 coupons for 2.00 each, and you've got three FREE bottles of Crest Whitening Rinse. That's a great deal!

There's also a great deal on a new Neutrogena product, Neutrogena Clinical. You can get the Clinical Eye or Night treatment for 29.99 AFTER 10.00 in Rapid Rewards (which means the price is 39.99 and you will get 10.00 back). You can combine this with the 15.00 rebate at AND use the 5.00 coupon found in this month's All You magazine (OR you can register at the Neutrogena Clinical site and print out a 5.00 coupon!). That means that you will only pay 9.99 after coupons and rebates!

You can also get a good deal on DayQuil or Nyquil. If you buy 4 Vicks Products for a total of 20.00 (they are 5.00 each), you will get 10.00 in Rapid Rewards, making your total 10.00 for all 4. You can combine this deal with coupons to make it better. I have 2 coupons for 2.00 off and several others for 1.00 off. So, if you have 4 of the 2.00 coupons, you would pay 2.00 for all 4 Vicks products (or 50 cents each). Since I have already done this deal once, and don't have 4 coupons left that are 2.00, I could get 6.00 off and pay only 1.00 per product (4.00 total). Not bad!

There is an AMAZING deal on Tylenol that I would LOVE to help you out with. I Have LOTS of 1.00 off coupons for Tylenol and Motrin. They are on sale for 1.49, so after the coupon you would only pay 49 cents! Even store brands can't beat that price! I have 14 coupons total for either Tylenol or Motrin - so PLEASE let me know if you want some!

I can also help you out with coupons if you use One A Day - They are on sale for 6.99 each. If you purchase two for 13.98, you will get 3.00 back in Rapid Rewards. So you can get 2 for 10.98. I have numerous 2.00 off coupons, which will take another 4.00 off, bringing your total down to 6.98 for two bottles of One A Day vitamins! I think that's a pretty good price.

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