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Sunday, February 14, 2010

CVS Shopping this week

Starting today, CVS has some amazing deals going on. It's a MONEY MAKER WEEK!
Here are the "money maker" deals that I got -

1. Crest Pro Health Enamel Rinse - on sale for 3.50, with 3.50 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) back. This means that the item is essentially free! The limit on this deal is 2, which makes it a GREAT deal. Want to make it even better? Combine it with the coupons from the newspaper that are 2.00 off one Crest Rinse and you've got a 4.00 money maker.

2. Aussie shampoo/products/hairspray- on sale this week for 2.99 with 2.00 ECB back. That makes it only 99 cents - but it gets better! This Sunday's paper (2/14) has coupons on Aussie products - 1.00 off any product. So that makes it free!

**Here's how I did this "deal"
I had 5.00 in ECB from last week's Nivea deal (buy 10.00 get 5.00 back, and I had coupons of course, which made the deal better).
I got two Crest Pro Health Enamel Rinses and one Aussie Shampoo. Before coupons it was 9.99 - after coupons my total was 4.99. I gave them my 5.00 ECB (let 'em keep the penny) - AND got back 9 dollars in ECBs!!!!! That's right! I went from 5 ECBs to 9 ECBs AND got 3 great items!!!!!

3. This next one is "special" - I had a CVS coupon for 3.00 off any Glade Fragrance Collection - it came out of the CVS scanning machines inside the store (you scan your card and get extra coupons instantly). This week CVS has their Glade products on sale - buy $12 worth of Glade and get 4 ECBs. I had 2 coupons that were 3.00 off any Glade Fragrance Collection, I motion Starter kit. I combined that with the 3.00 CVS coupon, and it automatically took 9.00 off! So I started at 12.00 for the Fragrance Reeds and I Motion Starter Kit, and then it went down to 3.00. I paid the 3.00 and got 4.00 in ECBs back! I made a 1.00 off this deal!!!

4. This next deal is a mail in rebate and can be done anywhere that sells Olay products. You can probably get a better deal than I did, but I was already at CVS and went with it. Olay has a rebate right now offering 15.00 back when you buy any 3 Olay products (facial, lotion, soap, body wash...). CVS has their Olay Reginerist Facial Cleanser on sale for 6.99. I had 3 coupons for 3.00 any one Reginerist product. So my total before coupons was 20.97, and after coupons it was 11.97. I will then send this in for the 15.00 rebate check! So I will make 3.03 - oh happy day!

In all, I was able to "make" 8.03 cents this week at CVS AND get 3 Olay facial cleaners, 2 Glade products, 2 Crest Pro Health Rinses, and 1 Aussie Shampoo!!!

What does your week look like at CVS?

***Special note to my close by friends - I do have "extra" coupons and will GLADLY walk you through your first CVS experience or share my coupons with you if you need them!!!!

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