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Monday, January 18, 2010

CVS and "Rain Checks" - making a good deal even better

I have had a rain check for Thermacare heat wraps at CVS for over a month now. I have been waiting and waiting for them to be in stock. There was a great deal back in December that you could get up to 5 thermacare heat wraps for 2.49 with 2.49 ECB (which makes them FREE).
I went all week and they were out, so I finally asked if they did rain checks. (Note - my Walgreens says they don't do rain checks on rapid rewards, so I was hesitant to ask, as I thought the answer would be NO). I was surprised that they do! The clerk wrote out a rain check for the 5 Thermacare heat wraps.
I found one heat wrap at the closest CVS to my house. To my glee I got 3.00 in ECB back! (I only paid 2.49).
I then went and found three more at another and got back 8.00 (paid 7.47).
So, being paitent does pay off. I am getting back more than I expected. The clerk said it (the register) rounds it up to the next dollar....good for me!)
So - once I find that last Thermacare, I will have made 1.55!

This makes me almost want to wait until later in the week and HOPE they are out, so I can get rain checks :)

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