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Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am in LOVE with Walgreens this week

I usually prefer CVS, but Walgreens has won over my heart this week. At CVS there is only one great deal. But at Walgreens, their cup runneth over!

Here's what my trips looked like today:

I paid 14.15 out of pocket in cash for the following items:
4 30-day supply of Joint Juice (good for Kenn)
4 Johnson and Johnson Baby Lotion (scent free)
2 packages of Scalpicin wipes
3 packages of Blink Gel Eye Drops
2 Valentine Gift bags
1 Milkly Way Simply Caramel Bar
3 Valentine Ring Pops
2 DayQuil cold medicine packs
2 Nyquil Cold medicine packs
2 Puffs tissues
1 Zicam Cold Sore Remedy Creme

Yes - 14.15 OUT OF POCKET for ALL of the ABOVE!!!!!
And I started with 10.00 in Rapid Reward Bucks, and I now have 27.00 in Rapid Reward bucks. So, let's do the math.

27.00 RR - 10.00 RR that I started with = 17.00 RR - 14.15 cash paid = 2.85 OVER!!!!
I got all of the above free and actually came out 2.85 ahead.

Even if you don't count the Rapid Rewards, it's an amazing deal to get all of the above for only 14.15 out of pocket.

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