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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What was in YOUR Mail today?

Wow! Today was a AMAZING mail day for me! It was difficult waiting TWO days for mail (Sunday and Monday, since Monday was the MLK holiday). But it was worth the wait.

Here's what was in my mail today(Yes, just today!):
1. a FULL SIZE sample of 5 hour energy and 5 hour energy extra. How did I get it? Simple - I emailed the company (5 Hour Energy) and told them how much I enjoy their product. That's it - I didn't even ask for the samples. Are there products you like? Have you told them? You would be surprised by what you will get in return for you kind comments.
I truly do enjoy 5 hour energy. It is a great way to get a little caffine in the morning for minimal calories and it has a lot of B vitamins. I haven't had any "crashes" or "jittery" feelings with 5 hour Energy. I do personally recommend this product.
2. A sample of Nature Made Triple Flex for joints. I got this just by going to and looking at their free samples - this is a great way to get free samples for almost no effort. Just go here: Slim fast bars from
4. Free Parents magazine
5.Free sample of Bounce from Sam's Club (no membership required, just visit their site)
Well - I think that's a great mail day.
Please share what freebies were in your mail this week!

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