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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Want to Earn a little money or get free products?

Over the Christmas break, I signed up for a few survey sites. I have found some to be useful, and others not so much :)

Here are my recommendations. (If you want to join and it asks you who referred you, please give my name or contact me if you need my username)

1. Ipsos I-Say - this website does not give out "cash", but through it I have already gotten accepted for 2 programs where I have been sent items to try and give my opinion. The items ranged from personal/beauty products to food. You also earn "points" when you complete surveys and you can redeem your points for things. I haven't redeemded any points yet, so I can't comment on that part, but I am very pleased with the offers and freebies I have gotten through the surveys.

2. Surveyhead - I really like this site. I have already made over 40.00 on this site. My mom tried it and has not been so lucky, so I guess it depends on your profile. This one pays out cash via PayPal or you can donate your earnings to credible organizations. The only negative is that you have to "earn" 25.00 before you can "cash out" and actually get your money.

3. Dollar Surveys (.net) - This site is one of my favorites, but it is "hit or miss". Sometimes you complete most of a survey and then it suddenly tells you that you didn't qualify. I have gotten 14 dollars right into my PayPal account this week from them! They pay weekly, even if it is just 1.00, which is also nice.

4. You Data (this one does referrals - my username is granthamkk) - this one I am hesitant to refer. You will get paid weekly, directly to PayPal, no matter how low the payout. But the payouts are low. My first week I made about 2.00. The week after, around 1.00. Last week I made only 30 cents. You get paid to look at ads, but a lot of times there are no ads to view.

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