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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Free groceries from Kroger and CVS

I went to the stores today (Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens).

At Kroger I was able to get the following free after coupons (no out of pocket at all) - 4 Birds Eye Frozen veggies, 1 Always Infinity, 1 GatorAde, 1 Hormel Pepperoni, and 1 Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls.

At CVS I got the following free after coupons (no out of pocket) - 1 pack of Ivory soap, 2 packages of cough drops.

I also got a GREAT deal on make-up at CVS. I got 2 blushes for 25 cents after coupons (they were 75 percent off and I had a 1.00 off coupon). I also got mascara and eye shadow for an amazing price (less than 1.00).
CVS is also have a great deal on Dove Ultimate Deodorate, so I snagged some of those!

I also was able to get the following "deals"

Walgreens: this week they have their Olay Quench body lotion on sale for 7.99 AND you get a free Olay Quench bath lotion FREE with purchase. So it's 7.99 for both - but it gets better! I had coupons that were 2.00 off any one Olay lotion, so my total for BOTH was 3.99! I did this twice, so I got 2 lotions and 2 bath lotions for 7.98! What makes it better is that Olay is offering a REBATE on 2 Olay Quench Lotions, so I am mailing that off and will get 15.98 back from Olay (you get your purchase price, which for me was 7.99)!!!!! So I paid 7.98 for 4, and in 6 weeks I will get back a check for 15.98 - I am making money to use Olay Quench!!!!! You too can do this deal. Just click here for the rebate. If you live near me, I have extra 2.00 coupons and will be glad to share on a first come, first serve basis. Just let me know.

Also at Walgreens, there is an AMAZING deal on Benefiber. If you buy $30 worth, you get $10 back in Rapid Rewards. The Benefiber is on sale for $5.00. Walgreens has a 2.00 off coupon (and it multiplies automatically). I found a benefiber coupon online for 2.00 off (you can print twice) and there are 1.00 off coupons from the newspaper. So, this is how the transaction went - 30.00 - 12.00 in walgreens coupons, -8.00 in manufacturer coupons= 10.00, with a 10.00 rapid reward, so it's FREE!

At CVS they have a great Rebate offer for Dulcolax ( it's a money maker). It's on sale for 10.99 and you will get 5.00 Extra care bucks after purchase. There are 3.00 off coupons with a 5.00 rebate form . So I paid 7.99 (I used Extra Care Bucks from a previous week's purchase) and got back 5.00, which meant that it cost 2.99. I am sending the 5.00 rebate off and soon I will be 2.00 richer AND have the product.

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