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Sunday, January 17, 2010

What to do on MLK day? Go to Walgreens and get FREE stuff

Want to know what to do on your day off? Try going to Walgreens!

You will need to do the following FIRST.

Go here:
and print out one or more (usually the limit is 2) Theraflu coupons. You will need ONE coupon for this deal (you can do the deal more than once if you want to).

Then go here:
and "take the pledge" which will allow you to print out two coupons for Wet Ones. You will need BOTH (2) coupons for this deal. If you don't want to do the deal, print them out anyway and give them to Karen :)

Lastly, go here:
to print out TWO (2) Neosporin coupons. You will need two for this deal.

Now, head to Walgreens.
Enter the store with your printed coupons (2 Wet Ones, 2 Neosporin, and at least one Theraflu).
Go to the Pharmacy area. Find the "Diabeties/Diabetics" magazines. It is beige. It is free and usually hanging near the other free pamphlets. Ask if you can't find it.
Look in the free Diabetes magazine for a $2.00 off Walgreens coupon for Theraflu (sugar free). Get this coupon!

Now - pick up the following:
One box of Theraflu Sugar Free (6 count)
One box of Lipton Tea bags
Two Wet Ones canisters/containers (40 count)
Two Neosporin Lip products

Hand to the cashier like this:
First transaction: Two Wet Ones with coupons - pay the cash for them (1.00 out of pocket). You will get back 1.00 in register rewards.
Second transaction: One box of Theraflu Sugar Free and one box of Lipton Tea bags - give Walgreens coupon FIRST, then the printout. Try to give the 1.00 register rewards (it may not work, since they sometimes count this as your "third coupon"). You can either pay the $3.00 out of pocket OR pick up a very cheap (like 25 cents or less, usually a votive candle or Christmas candy that's at 90 percent off - I got several for 5 cents). You will pay either $3.00, or 2.00 and 1.00 register reward. You will get back 4.00 in register rewards (so either way you JUST made 1.00!!)
Now - pay for the Neosporin - give the coupons and again, if you see something CHEAP and/or something you "need" add it, so you can use your rewards here.
The Neosporin after coupons will be $2.00.

So - if you pay Out of Pocket on all 3 transactions (and save your rewards for next week, when you won't have to pay out of pocket at all!!!!)- then you have spent 6.00 and gotten 1 Theraflu, 1 Lipton, 2 Wet Ones, and two Neosporin. You will have $8.00 in register rewards, which you can use like cash next time. So basically, you just made 2.00 AND got all that stuff. And next week will be even more fun because your out of pocket will be less (if any)!

*****Look around for any really cheap stuff (like votive candles for 10 cents, or anything else you see at a GOOD price that you want)in case you need fillers. Remember that Walgreens is picky about one main thing - your number of coupons cannot exceed your number of items, and they do count register rewards as coupons.

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