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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finding Some Freebies!

This afternoon was a bit rough. What I thought would be a quiet afternoon of testing and scoring ended up being an afternoon spent with what seemed like one hundred first graders (in actually I think there were 18).So, I am giving myself some "chill" time and found a good freebie that I had not come across before.

Another new-to-me free sample is for Ensure. They will ask some questions, but you can honestly answer them and still get the free sample. You can ask for the free sample coupon to be mailed to you or you can print it out.I like mine mailed to me :)

Another site that I don't visit nearly enough is Johnson's Baby Site. They have great coupons on there and "reload" them frequently, so check back at least once every couple of weeks. I am excited about these because I got some great Target Store coupons in the mail yesterday for Johnson's baby products, Desitin, and more. Using both the store coupons and the manufacturing coupons should enable me to get some free items!


  1. emailed me the Nutra Naturals...I posted it and my readers are reporting a trojan virus from it.

    Just an might want to delete ASAP.

  2. Thanks!
    I deleted the link. Luckily we have Norton Anti-Virus and it found it!